The SK48v100 Battery has a unique function – the ability to export data logs of up to 2 months of operational history. This is particualarly useful for intermittent issues, as the logs can give insight to every measurable data point with a correlating data/time stamp.

What’s required

In order to access the data logs, you need the following:


  1. Connect the battery to your computer, as noted in the PC Communication Guide.
  2. Open the software. Typically the software will automatically connect to the battery. Refer to the PC communication guide if you have trouble.
  3. Select the top tab, “Memory Info”, then on the “Memory Setting” panel on the right, click the blue “Read” button.

After following this procedure, you will observe the data being read from the battery into the window on the left. You can read the info on this screen, although it is somewhat difficult. To read the data in an easier format, you can click on the “Save As” button on the right panel to export the data as a CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.