Communication with the Sol-Ark Inverter is by far, the easiest to setup among all inverters. Communication works with all 4 current Sol-Ark models, the 5k, 8k, 12k and 15k.

When communication has been established, the Sol-Ark Inverter can re-configure its charging voltage, current, and battery discharge cut-off voltage according to the battery’s parameters. If parameters are outside of a safe range, the inverter can start charging, discharging, slow down and stop in order to protect the batteries from exceeding their safe operating range.


To establish communication with a Sol-Ark Inverter, a standard CAT-5 Ethernet cable with RJ-45 ends can be utilized. Simply plug one end of the cable into the “CAN” port of the master battery, and the other end into the “BMS-CAN” port of the Sol-Ark Inverter.

Verify the DIP switches of the master battery are set to address #1, ON-OFF-OFF-OFF as described previously and slave batteries are set to unique address as designated here.

Ensure all batteries are in the “BMS-OFF” state prior to installing the cable(s. After the cable(s) have been installed, power up the system making sure to follow the proper start-up procedure.


Enter the main menu by pressing the “gear” button in the top right corner of the display.

Select “Battery Setup”, then in the first “Battery” tab, enable “Lithium Battery [00]” and ensure the screen displays a value of “[00]”. Adjust if needed.

No further settings are required, as the battery automatically programs the inverter to the required voltage and current setpoints.