UL 1973 certification:

The SK48v100 has been tested by Intertek Laboratories and has been tested to conform to UL 1973 standards. The draft testing report is available here and a final version of this report will be posted soon (Approx. Mid October).

Why is UL listing important?

Local AHJ’s (authority having jurisdiction) have began adopting 2017 NEC that requires batteries and energy storage system to be listed. This excludes non-listed packs from being used in a system that is code-compliant (permitted). Now that the SK48v100 is listed to UL standards, it can be used in a system that is permitted, inspected and insured.

Often times insurance providers will deny a claim for damage if an unlisted system is involved in a claim, even if the unlisted system is not the cause of such claims.

About the packs already shipped and installed:

The certification to UL1973 standards utilizes the same hardware that the SK48v100 has used since its initial conception, therefore, existing equipment conforms to the requirements for UL1973. If you have these initial packs that do not bear the “Conforms to UL1973 standards” label, then you may contact us for these labels.

California “CEC” Approval

The SK48v100 is not currently listed by the California Energy Commission as approved for use within the state for on-grid installations. Although UL1973 testing has been completed, we have not yet received the final report which is required for submittal for listing on the CEC database. Once we receive this report, we will have our application submitted. You can view the approved equipment list here: https://solarequipment.energy.ca.gov/Home/BatteryList