SOK Battery has a long history of delivering both the highest quality battery and safest overall design at a value conscious price point. This trend continues with the release of the SK48V100, a true Grade A+ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack designed to be easily installed into standard 19” EIA server-rack type battery enclosures or the custom-built SOK Server Rack.

A 16S (48v nominal) 5.12 kW-h LiFePO4 battery bank is paired with a digital battery management system (BMS), to provide automated and maintenance free battery operation, with a typical lifespan of over 4000 cycles. The assembly features full CAN bus & RS485 protocols to pair with most common 48V inverters, as well as RS-232 control for PC configuration.

Front View of SOK SK48v100 Battery

Front View of SK48v100 Server Rack Battery

Use Applications

The SK48V100 battery is ideal for medium to large-scale off-grid and grid-interactive energy storage systems (ESS), telecom & server room backup, as well as mobile installations requiring a 48v battery.

Applications that require reliability, expandability, quality, safety, and serviceability are well-suited for this battery array. The SK48V100 can easily be expanded up to 15 modules per master battery, for a total system size of 76.8 kW-h per battery cluster. In special circumstances, multiple battery clusters may be interconnected for even larger centrally managed systems.

View of loaded SOK 4 slot rack

View of loaded SOK 4 slot rack


The SOK engineers plan future serviceability into the initial design of all battery assemblies. On rare occasion, products in the real world can fail, depending on the usage, environment, and build quality. Failures can be caused by shipping damage, installer error, downstream equipment malfunction, natural aging, and unavoidable environmental factors such as lightning.

Competing batteries on the market are not designed for serviceability, being permanently assembled using techniques such as IR-Laser Welding of aluminum cell-interconnection busbars, plastic injection-molded cases, and permanent epoxy potting. These processes are great for single-use disposable products, but a poor choice for systems expected to last decades. When parts within these permanently assembled packs fail, the entire module is rendered useless and needs to be disposed of as E-waste and replaced as a complete unit. Any attempt to service would certainly void your warranty and the likelihood of a successful service is slim to none.

SOK Battery believes that these products are an investment and should not be thrown away if something goes wrong; products should withstand the test of time. The SOK Battery SK48V100 is engineered so that every single part within the battery pack can be field serviced and replaced by either an authorized service agent, or the end customer. This means less downtime and lower repair costs to the end-customer, as well as a decreased environmental impact.

SOK Battery is the leader in battery technology, paving the way for many battery manufacturers to follow.