SOK 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Solar Battery

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Take control of your power needs with the SOK 24V 100Ah Battery. Whether you’re embarking on an off-grid adventure, seeking a dependable backup power solution, or powering your industrial equipment, this battery is the reliable companion you can trust. Upgrade your power system today and experience the unparalleled performance and durability of the SOK 24V 100Ah Battery.


  • Capacity: 100Ah
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Max Discharge: 100A
  • Max Charge: 50A
  • Operational Temperature Range: -22° to 140° F (-4° to 60° C)
  • Built-In Smart BMS
  • Grade A Cells
  • User-Serviceable Design
  • Over-Charging/Discharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Cells Auto Balance
  • High/Low Temperature Disconnects
  • 4000-8000 Cycles Life Span
  • 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Current Connected is the only authorized SOK repair facility in the United States.

SOK 24V 100Ah Battery

Experience the next level of energy storage with the SOK 24V 100Ah Battery. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and built to withstand the demands of modern applications, this battery is a game-changer in the world of power solutions. Offering an impressive capacity of 100Ah and a voltage of 24V, it provides long-lasting, uninterrupted power for your devices and equipment.

Designed for Performance

Simplify maintenance and reduce downtime with the detachable cover and user-serviceable design. The SOK 24V 100Ah Battery battery incorporates an intelligent battery management system that safeguards against various risks, including overcharging, over discharging, and short circuits. Additionally, you can replace the BMS and individual cells as needed, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your battery.  This battery is also equipped with low temperature charging protection, allowing you to charge it even in frigid environments. 

Reliable and Durable

With built-in cell balancing technology, the SOK 24V 100Ah Battery automatically equalizes the voltage of individual cells, maximizing their lifespan and maintaining optimal performance. The battery’s low temperature disconnect and high temperature disconnect features also protect it from extreme temperature conditions. Whether you’re working in scorching heat or freezing cold, this battery can handle it!

Long Life Span

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the SOK 24V LiFePO4 Battery offers an impressive life span of 4000-8000 cycles. This longevity, combined with its robust design and advanced protective features, ensures that it will reliably power your devices for years to come.

Installation and Compatibility

The SOK 24V 100Ah Battery is designed to easily integrate into existing systems. Its standardized form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and equipment, making it a versatile choice. Whether you’re retrofitting your electric vehicle or upgrading your off-grid power system, this battery is a seamless fit.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Not only does the SOK 24V Lithium Battery deliver exceptional performance, but it also promotes energy efficiency and sustainability. By harnessing renewable energy sources and maximizing the battery’s cycle life, you can reduce your carbon footprint and minimize waste. 

Also available in 12 Volt 206Ah, 12 Volt 100Ah & 48 Volt 100Ah sizes!

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Additional information

Weight 59.1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 in
Battery Voltage

24 Volts DC


SOK Battery

Capacity (Amp-Hours)


Form Factor

Nonstandard / Standalone


Charger & Inverter Settings

Charge Current (Per battery): 40a Preferred (50a Maximum)
Absorption Voltage: 29.2v preferred (28.8 Minimum)
Float Voltage: 27.6v preferred (27.2 Minimum)
Equalization: DISABLED
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): 23v

If you can, we recommend setting the equalization voltage to 28.2v.  With this set at 28.2v, if an equalization is somehow triggered, you will not damage your battery.

Victron Settings For SmartShunt & BMV-712 / SOK Battery

Battery Capacity: Varies depending on system.
Charged Voltage: 27.6 (*2 for 48v systems)
Discharge Floor: 10%
Tail Current: 2.00%
Charged Detection Time: 3m
Peukert Exponent: 1.05
Charge Efficiency Factor: 98%
Current Threshold: 0.10a
Time-to-go averaging Period: 3m
Battery Starts Synchronized: Disabled (NOTE: you will need to fully charge your battery to sync up SOC%)
State of Charge: 30% (NOTE: Set this to 30% with brand new, untouched batteries.  They ship at 30% SOC%.)

Comment on Discharge floor:
Let’s say you setting this at 10%; when you get to 10%, the Smartshunt will indicate 10% remaining and 0 minutes until empty.  If you choose to fully discharge your battery (not recommended) then set this to 0%.  If you want to be more conservative on your time remaining, then set this to 20%

Settings for Victron MPPT Charge Controllers:

Battery Voltage: Set depending on system, normally 24v.
Max Charge Current: OK to set as high as desired, but no more than 50a per battery
Charger: Enabled
Battery Preset: User Defined
Expert Mode: ON
Absorption Voltage: 29.2v
Float Voltage: 27.6v
Equalization Voltage: 29.2v
Rebulk Voltage Offset: 0.40v
Absorption Duration: Fixed
Absorption Time: 15 Minutes (This allows for proper cell balancing)
Tail Current: Disabled
Equalize Current: 0% (For safety we don’t want equalization at all.)
Automatic Equalization: Disabled
Equalize Stop Mode: Automatic (On voltage)
Maximum Equalize duration: 0 Minutes
Manual equalization: DO NOT CLICK START
Temperature Compensation: Disabled
Low Temperature Cutoff: Disabled (unless you add a temp sensor, the BMS has this protection built in)

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  1. LZ (verified owner)

    Well constructed and they stand behind their quality control. The initial battery came with a deep scratch in the bottom and posed a rust risk, but they were on top and super helpful throughout the replacement process. Appreciate the customer service and quality mindset.

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