Ruixu RX-LFP48100 19″ Rack Mounted 3U Battery – UL1973 Certified

SKU: RX-LFP48100
  • Nominal voltage :51.2V
  • Nominal [email protected] :100 Ah
  • ​Nominal energy :5120Wh
  • Dimesion(W*D*H): 19 x 18.1 x 5.23 inch
  • Weight: 103.6lb

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RUIXU 51.2V100A 5120Wh | 19″ Rack Mounted 3U Module

RUiXU battery packs are rack type residential lithium batteries, designed entirely for residential ESS applications. With RUiXU’s battery technology, you can easily combine it with a mainstream inverter in different scenarios to save your electrical bill & back up your power during grid outage or off-grid application.

Optional bracket kits for different installation scenarios.

Support up to 32 units in parallel, scale from 5 kWh to 160 kWh configuration without external controller.

3U (133mm) standard height design

Use DIP address to set the RS485 baud rate and inverter protocol choosing

Comes with battery interconnection Amphenol connectors.

Certification: CE/ IEC62619 / UL1973 / UN38.3


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