15kW 120/240VAC Hybrid Inverter & 25kWh Battery UL Listed Kit

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Say goodbye to power outages with our 12kW 120/240VAC Hybrid Inverter & 25kWh Battery UL Listed Kit – the perfect solution for securing your grid-tied power system. Whether you need to power your home during emergencies or want an extra layer of protection, this kit has got you covered. Stay connected, productive, and worry-free with our Ultimate Power Backup Bundle!

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The Ultimate Power Backup Bundle

Introducing the Ultimate Power Backup Bundle, our 12kW 120/240VAC Hybrid Inverter & 25kWh Battery Kit! This exceptional bundle is specifically designed to provide a seamless backup solution for your power needs. With this kit, you can rest assured that you will always have access to power, even during outages or interruptions in your grid-tied power system. Suppose you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to protect your home or business from power outages. In that case, this Hybrid Inverter and Battery Kit is the perfect solution for you.

The SOL-ARK 15K Hybrid Inverter

At the heart of this Inverter and Battery Kit is the SOL-ARK 15K Hybrid All-in-One Inverter – a true powerhouse. With an impressive continuous AC power output of up to 15,000W, this inverter ensures your essential appliances and electronics keep running without a hitch. Not just that, it can handle robust surge power of up to 24,000W (10 sec.), offering unmatched reliability when you need it the most.

Equipped with three onboard MPPT controllers and integrated rapid-shutdown, the SOL-ARK 15K Hybrid Inverter is the epitome of efficiency and safety. Plus, its exceptional scalability allows for parallel stacking of up to twelve (12) units, making it an ideal choice for both 120V/240V split phase and 120V/208V 3-phase service voltages.

Pytes V5 UL9540A 25kWh Battery kit

This kit offers 5 Pytes UL9540A batteries, allowing this whole kit to be UL-approved. Adding more batteries later on will be no issue with the Pytes modular racking system. This kit offers 25.6kWh, ensuring you have the storage needed to power critical loads in emergencies. This system is perfect for any grid-tied installation that needs a UL listing, as both the Sol-Ark and Pytes V5 are UL 9540A listed.

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