Ethos Energy Storage Kit, Ethos 5.12kW batts and 18kPV

SKU: K0955

The EG4 18kPV and Ethos battery for a full battery backup system. Each Ethos battery gives 5.12kWh (No less than 2 batteries per module). Paired with EG4 18kPV, this system can power large loads and offer long battery backup.


  • 48V System
  • 15.36 kWh
  • 300Ah capacity
  • 12800 Watt continuous power
  • 200A Max charge current
  • 250A Max discharge current



The Ethos Energy Storage kit is good for any residential system that needs a large inverter with a large battery backup. With 4 different options for the battery banks, this system can ensure large loads stay powered regardless of the situation. Plus, the 18kPV allows a large array of panels with its 3 MPPTs. It is good for both off-grid and on-grid applications.

Kit Includes:

  • EG4 18kPV
  • Big Battery Ehtos
  • Paralleling cables for the batteries
  • Communication cables
  • Cable from inverter to battery

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