Getting Started

The JBD BMS Units sold by Current Connected have been pre-programmed, tested, and calibrated prior to shipping to make your life easy.  Standard parameters for LiFePO4 are set, so that you can pull the BMS right out of the box, connect a few wires to your cells, and be ready to put your battery into service without any additional programming or settings required.

What’s included?

In the box, you will have the BMS, a balance harness, your Bluetooth dongle as well as a USB – UART cable/converter assembly.  For the purposes of this quick start guide, we will only be focusing on the BMS and balance harness.  You can refer to our JBD BMS Index for additional information on the Bluetooth & USB features.

JBD BMS 150A model
BMS Of Your Choice (150A Model Shown)
JBD BMS Bluetooth Dongle
Bluetooth Dongle (Standard)
JBD BMS Balance Harness for 4s model
Balance Harness (4s Model Shown)
JBD BMS USB cable, converter box, and UART cable
USB Cable, Converter Box & UART CABLE

Mounting the BMS

The BMS should be mounted near the battery pack, but since the BMS does get warm during operation it is a bad idea to mount the BMS directly to the cells.  If your only mounting option is to mount the BMS to the batteries in some way, a thermal barrier should be used to prevent the BMS from heating up the cells during heavy-load uses.

You will need to connect the balance harness to the terminals of each cell, as we detail later.  Be mindful of the length of the balance harness – in a perfect world, it would be best to keep the wires as short as possible and without splices.  The balance leads do not need to be the same length.

Wiring the Balance Harness

If you must shorten or extend the balance leads, then it will not cause an issue.  When extending the balance leads, make sure your splices are strong.  Poor connections within the balance leads/harness lead to around 90% of BMS faults during initial setup.

The B- Terminal

~ Work in Progress ~

The C- Terminal

~ Work in Progress ~

Temperature Probes

~ Work in Progress ~

Powering up the BMS

~ Work in Progress ~