REC BMS WiFi Module

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Embrace the future of power management with the REC BMS WiFi Dongle. Unlock the full potential of your devices and gain unprecedented control over your battery pack parameters. With its intuitive interface, flexible connectivity options, and reliable error detection, this dongle is the ultimate tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay in control—upgrade your power management system today.

  • Setup BMS settings
  • Connects to a RS485 BMS port
  • For all Smart devices using a WiFi network
  • Can connect to existing networks or create one
  • Displays a warning when errors are detected
  • Parameters and error logging with analyzer
  • User customized view using html code

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Introducing the REC BMS WiFi Module: Empower Your Device Control with Wireless Precision

Control your power like never before with the REC BMS WiFi Module, a revolutionary WiFi module made to work specifically with REC BMS units that brings convenience and versatility to your favorite devices. Say goodbye to traditional control methods and embrace the future of wireless connectivity. With this cutting-edge dongle, you can effortlessly manage your battery pack parameters, access vital information, and optimize your device’s performance—all through the power of WiFi.

Seamless Integration and Complete Control

The REC BMS WiFi Module connects directly to the RS485 BMS port, ensuring a seamless integration with your energy storage system. Its user-friendly design allows for easy setup and navigation, providing you with complete control over your BMS settings and parameters. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or a professional in need of advanced energy management tools, this dongle offers the functionality you require.

Enhanced Monitoring and Display Options

Unlock a world of possibilities with the REC BMS WiFi Module. By leveraging your existing WiFi network, this versatile device connects to a range of Smart devices, providing you with real-time updates on battery pack voltages, current, temperatures, State of Charge (SOC), and State of Health (SOH). This dongle acts as your personal power assistant, keeping you updated on crucial parameters.

Simple Setup and Flexible Connectivity

Setting up the WiFi Module is a breeze. Connect it to your preferred device effortlessly, whether it’s an existing network or a personalized WiFi setup. Say goodbye to complex configurations and embrace hassle-free connectivity. This dongle not only simplifies your energy management, but also offers the freedom to use an additional LCD touch display for REC BMS as an extension to your system design. Enjoy the best of both worlds without any compromise.

Reliable Error Detection and Logging

This WiFi Module comes equipped with an alarm pop-up feature that notifies you of any errors or anomalies. Stay one step ahead with instant alerts and take immediate action to resolve issues. Additionally, the dongle’s analyzer provides parameters and error logging, so you can make informed decisions and optimize your system’s performance.

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