REC BMS | 4S Active BMS | Modular & Expandable



  • Compatible with Li-PO, LiFePO4, LiFeYPO4, LiCoO2, LiMnNiCo and LiMnO4 Lithium-Ion chemistry
  • Compatible with Wakespeed WS500
  • 4 series connected cells per unit
  • High efficiency 2 A bi-directional active balancing (pack to cell and cell to pack)
  • IP65 protection enclosure, AMP 35 pin water resistant connector (Harness Included)
  • 0.1 – 5.0 V measuring range, 1 mV resolution, 2mv accuracy
  • Up to 8 digital temperature sensors
  • Shunt current measurement, can “piggy-back” an existing system shunt such as the Victron SmartShunt or equivalent, or utilize a separate shunt
  • Two programmable fused relay outputs
  • Two programmable fused digital outputs

Product Manual


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