6AWG “Y” Cable for JBD BMS



This cable is made in-house specifically for our JBD BMS units that feature a M6 screw terminal.  Instead of having wires permanently soldered to the BMS, we use threaded terminals that can be used in combination with this “Y” cable to allow you much more flexibility when you are designing your system.

These “Y” Cables use 6AWG heavy-duty battery/welding cable and are crimped using a hex-crimp in our custom-built cable crimping press.  The crimp connections are protected from the elements with heavy-duty, dual wall adhesive lined heat-shrink tubing.  The terminals on the single ends of the cable use a 5/16″ lug to closely match the terminals on the JBD BMS.  The terminal on the connection where the two wires meet can be ordered in either a 5/16″ ring or a 3/8 ring allowing connections to a wide range of cells, bus-bars, terminal blocks, and other components that vary from system to system.

Every cable is custom-made to order.  If your application has specific requirements, please let us know in the order notes.

The length of these cables are measured from the center of ring terminal to center of ring terminal ± 1/4″. If you need a specific length that is not available from our default options, please round the length up to the next available size, and specify your exact length requirement in the order notes.

1 review for 6AWG “Y” Cable for JBD BMS

  1. Ripley

    Must have for the JBD BMS, makes the installation process really simple. Totally worth having them make it for you, the wire is high quality and flexible, the crimps are solid, it just bolts right up.

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