800W 12V/24V Mobile Solar Kit – LiFePO4 Battery Compatible


Kit Includes:

Fully Customizable! Please email us for a quote reflecting any changes.




Please check to make sure you have sufficient roof space for the four panels.  You need at least 62″ x 32″ for each solar panel.

This solar kit is great for medium RVs and boats as a supplemental source of power both while the the vehicle is in use or parked.

On a typical sunny day, this kit can easily generate 3 ~ 3.75 kWh, which is more than enough to cover consumption of small loads such as lights, fans, your TV and occasional loads such as a microwave or single-serve coffee maker.

This system is 100% LiFePO4 compatible, which will efficiently store your daily production eliminating lead-acid battery losses.

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  1. Charles

    Damn, this is a great deal ! I literally bought this kit in individual peices , and put it on my trailer . Works fantastic

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