13kW All-In-One Off Grid Power System



Featuring a pair of MPP Solar LV6548’s, this system is great for getting started with Off-Grid power systems, with less complication of wiring up a lot of components. This system is capable of powering up to 13kw of loads and has a built in Solar Charge Controllers to make wiring and installation a breeze. Just add batteries.

Note: This system is not a good choice if you have a lot of inductive loads such as air conditioners over 2 tons (24000BTU) without soft-start, well pump over 2 HP, or if you plan to run large power tools such as an air compressor, welder, or plasma cutter. In this application, we recommend our 20kVA Victron system instead since it has a much better surge capability.

What’s Included:

Basic Kit:

  • Two MPP Solar LV6548 All In One Inverter/Charger/Charge Controller
  • Two 4ft long perfectly matched 1/0 cable sets to connect the inverters to the Lynx Distributor
  • One Victron Lynx Distributor – a modular busbar/fuseholder that distributes your power to each device
  • (2+1) 200A MegaFuses for each inverter connection – One of them is a spare just in case
  • One 300A main fuse for your battery bank

Added with Solar Package:

  • 4x PV disconnect switches to safely shut off your solar array
  • 500ft Spool of 10 AWG 600v PV wire
  • 40 pairs of MC4 connectors
  • Crimping tool for MC4 connectors
  • 4 pairs of MC4 “Y” connectors



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