This is a guide for advanced users.  Improperly following the directions of this guide may result in an unusable BMS due to corrupt firmware.  Installing firmware incorrectly will brick your BMS.

Some versions of the DALY BMS require a firmware upgrade to use the LCD Display Accessory.  If your BMS uses the Sinowealth Monitoring Software, then you need to follow this process in order to use the UART port for the LCD Display.  BMS units that use PCMaster do not require an update to work with the LCD Display.  If you aren’t sure which monitoring software you need to use, refer to this article.

NOTE: Upgrading to the LCD display firmware will disable Bluetooth functionality.  If you wish to revert back to Bluetooth functionality after the LCD upgrade, use this hex file and follow the same process as outlined below.

Step 1 - Prepare for the upgrade

Prepare for the upgrade by installing Sinowealth BMS as explained in this article.

Connect the BMS to your battery pack, as explained in this article.  Activate the BMS, as explained in this article.

Plug the USB-MON cable into the BMS and into an available USB port on your computer or laptop.

At this point, the LCD display should NOT be plugged into the BMS.

Download the .hex file for LCD Compatibility by clicking here, Save it to a convenient location on your computer such as your documents folder.

Step 2 - Launch Sinowealth & Select IC

Launch Sinowealth normally as covered in the Sinowealth Install Guide

You will be prompted to select “Port & IC Configuration”. Select the SH39f003 IC.  This is not the default setting, so make sure to change it.

Com Config – Normally these pre-populate correctly:

  • Com Port No: Depends on which USB port you plugged into.
  • Baud Rate 9600
  • Data Bit 8
  • Parity None
  • Stop Bit 1


If for some reason, the BMS does not see any devices, ensure you have properly installed the drivers, and the USB cable is plugged into the PC.

Step 3 - Open "ISP" Dialog

Once Sinowealth has opened, select the “Option (O)” menu at the top, then navigate to the “ISP” menu.

Step 4 - Click "Code Load" Button

We wanted to show you where the button is on the ISP menu, but honestly this is quite simple.  Click it and go to the next step.

Step 5 - Select Firmware

Select the appropriate firmware, which you downloaded in step 1.

Click the “Open” button to complete your selection.

Step 6 - Finish Selection & Start Update

After you have selected the proper file, check the “Code Region” checkbox, then click the “Start Update” button.

Step 6 - Wait While Firmware Updates

This process can take a few minutes.  After you get the “Firmware Update OK!” message, close the ISP dialog.

Step 7 - Reboot the BMS & Attach LCD

Reboot the BMS.  Start by disconnecting the USB Monitoring Cable & Balance harness, then wait for 10 seconds.  Re-install the balance harness wires.

You may now plug in the LCD monitoring display and test functionality.  If the LCD is not working, restore to the Bluetooth firmware by following the same procedure, using the Bluetooth HEX file, then repeat the installation process.